Tim Tebow is the talk of the town lately. The former Heisman Trophy winner who puts his religious beliefs on public display (an understatement) is dumb-founding the pro football experts, pundits, and critics alike. There's just something about Tim Tebow's Gospel of Optimism.

What is it about Tim Tebow that makes it so hard not to like him?

The likability factor comes from a set of qualities that Tim possesses, and he consistently brings these qualities to the table. As professionals and business people, what can we learn from him?

Here are 5 Business lessons we can learn from Tim Tebow:

#1 Be a Leader

It's become pretty evident to me that Tim is a leader both on and off of the field. He leads by example and he leads with enthusiasm. He leads by constantly encouraging and supporting his teammates who ultimately rally around him. That makes everybody better. He's got an uncanny ability to pull a team of “individuals” together to pursue a common goal. This is much easier said than done, especially when there are egos involved.5 business lessons from tim tebow

#2 Show Your Passion

It's not Tim's “religious faith” that is responsible for his success. If that were true, we wouldn't have winners and losers. It's the fact that he's passionate about something! He believes in that something wholeheartedly, and he shows it. True passion is contagious. If you are enthusiastic about what you believe in, regardless of what you believe in, you're going to attract disciples.

#3 Have Self Confidence

Tim Tebow is an awesome example of what it means to be self-confident in the face of skeptics. When everyone is doubting you, but you still believe in yourself and execute in the face of adversity, that is self-confidence at it's finest. Truly self-confident people don't get bothered by those who doubt them, and they don't compare themselves to others. Believing in yourself is your best chance for success in life and in business.

#4 Dare to be Different

Although Tim Tebow's quarterbacking skills are not that of the standard NFL quarterback, they are getting the job done. Tim has figured out a way to leverage his strengths in an environment where it was hard to imagine how he might be successful. In fact, he could have easily convinced himself that he didn't have what it would take to be successful in the NFL.

I'm a 5'3″ point guard who played college hoops. Believe me, no one thought I could do the job being that short. I had to find a way to leverage my unique strengths in order to be successful. I also had to ignore my critics. Sure, I didn't have the height working for me, but I did have a wicked 3 point shot, master ball-handling skills, and the speed and quickness to drive past just about anyone! 🙂

#5 Play Hard

Week in and week out, Tim Tebow keeps bringing it. He shows stamina and persistence on the field. He's prepared, focused, enthusiastic and determined. One of my favorite basketball coaches used to say “when you get on the court, you better have your shoes laced up and be ready to play”. The very first time I took over an office of financial advisors as the new manager, I sent that message out to all of the advisors prior to meeting them in person. On the day I walked in to meet the group, every one of the advisors had tennis shoes on with their suits!

When you get in the game, you've got to be prepared, focused, and determined every single time if you want to be successful.

Whether you love Tim Tebow or hate him, he does possess some of the most essential qualities of great leaders. You can't deny that he's doing something right. You can't bet on the fact that he'll keep racking up the wins for the Denver Broncos, but he's going to give 100% every time he sets foot on that field. You can take that to the bank.