Blogging has evolved over the years and has most recently become known as ‘content creation'. This is because with modern blogging technology you can publish your knowledge, insights, and ideas in any multimedia format you desire. Blog posts can be written articles of course, but they can also be image, video, or podcast posts.

The integration of rich media into blogging is a game-changer. For example, with audio podcasts and videos, the people who consume your content can actually get a feel for your personality. They can hear your voice or see you in front of them. This naturally builds a stronger human connection.

Your blog can also serve as your business, or as an extension of your business. For example, there are many entrepreneurs who are using their blogs to sell digital products, services, and programs.

What I love about blogging is that it's perfect for entrepreneurs who want to build greater influence with their ideal clients and customers. Blogging serves as a platform for establishing yourself as an influencer on a digital stage. You can expand your visibility and reach across the entire social web!

Over the years, I have found that the top entrepreneurial bloggers have some traits in common which I share below:

The 7 Character Traits of Top Bloggers

1. Entrepreneurial

Successful bloggers are building something. They're building their own little (or in some cases very large) empire of loyal advocates; people who will follow them to the ends of the earth.

They've created a business out of their knowledge, and have learned how to package that knowledge in such a way that they can monetize their intellectual capital through ads and sponsorships, products and services, speaking engagements, and/or book deals.

2. Personable

Many (not all) successful bloggers have mastered the art of authenticity. They aren't afraid to showcase who they really are, online. They share their personalities, passions, and perspectives freely.

3. Passionate

Successful bloggers are passionate about their subject matter and mission. Without that passion, it's difficult to keep going with content creation. Even with the passion it can be challenging! The best bloggers keep their passion alive and they focus on the people they are helping.

4. Niche Focused

Successful bloggers focus on either a niche market or topic, in most cases. Some of them start niche and then go more broad. Regardless, the top bloggers know exactly who their audience is and who they are trying to attract.

5. Committed

Successful bloggers are committed to creating content, and they tend to be very consistent. The 20% who do well with blogging show up when they say they are going to show up. They put the content out there usually at the same time each week. Some successful bloggers are even publishing content on a daily basis!

6. Authoritative

Successful bloggers know how to build authority. They aren't afraid to call themselves experts and back it up through their content. They truly believe that what they have to share is valuable and can help their followers.

7. Always Learning

Successful bloggers live on the cutting edge of content creation. They know what type of content is most popular and desired by their followers. They know how to use digital tools and systems that can help them get more mileage out of each post they publish.

Top bloggers never stop learning.

Your Turn

These are the top character traits of successful bloggers that I've identified over the years. Are there others that I've missed here? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!