Do you work on building your digital influence? We follow influencers because of who they are and how they think. They strike a chord with us. We believe in the people who have influenced us and we trust them.

The ability to build your influence in the digital age can be just as powerful (if not more powerful) as building your influence in real-life.

To create and grow a sustainable digital business, first establish yourself as a person of influence online and build from there. 

Influencers focus on helping others. They are genuinely interested in helping other people become better at something they want to improve upon or master. Influencers are thought leaders. They clearly understand that by providing leadership and guidance, sharing valuable information, empowering others, and connecting others, business will ultimately come back to them.

Building digital influence requires a giving mentality. It is a critical building block to success with any of your online relationship and network-building activities.

Digital Influence Builds Credibility

There are so many opportunities to grow your online visibility, but it all starts with credibility. It doesn't matter how much experience you have in your field, how smart you are, how good looking your are, or how great your advice is! If you don't start with a professional digital presence, you won't have the opportunity to grow your influence.The path to building online influence

Is your website professional? Is it trustworthy? Professionalism matters now more than ever. Your website and social media profiles are serving as the first point of contact for prospective clients, referrals, and partners.

An unprofessional or outdated online presence can kill your credibility instantly.

Strive to build a professional and consistent presence across the social web that showcases your personal brand and unique message. Don't take short cuts and cut corners. Invest in your digital presence. This is the foundation for earning new clients and referrals online.

Influence Cultivates Trust

These days, trust is hard to come by. It is as scarce as attention. If you want to build trust online, you also have to come from a place of influence. This means that you commit to publishing and sharing messages that provide guidance, information, insights, resources, and HELP to your ideal clients wherever they are spending time online.

Giving away your best ideas and openly sharing your lessons learned can be very effective. Thoroughly researching your topic and providing step-by-step guidance to others can also position you as a go-to resource.

Everyone is looking for a leader. We are inundated with useless information and thirsting for knowledge. If you want to be known as an influencer (and cultivate trust), give your target audience the knowledge they need to be better, to be more successful, and to avoid costly mistakes. The formula is truly that simple.

It is impossible to acquire a new client if you don't earn their trust from the very beginning. By positioning yourself as an influencer online, you will gain a competitive edge.

Influence Ignites Relationships

People love influencers. They tend to have celebrity status within and even outside of their network of online connections and followers. At conferences, the influencers fill the room during their speaking sessions.

When you position yourself as a person of influence with your branding and your thought leadership content, you will naturally attract your ideal clients into your network. They will WANT to connect with you. They will subscribe to your insights and consume your content religiously.

When you build your digital influence, you will find that each and every action you take online will have a greater impact. You will not have to work as hard to attract your ideal clients. They will seek you out!

I believe there is a tipping point here. If you dedicate yourself to being a person of influence by providing consistent value to your community, the growth of your network will eventually take on a life of it's own.

Everything you do online plants a seed for future relationships and business development opportunities. Not only that, by building your “online” influence with existing clients, the modern referral process will be activated as your clients share your message with their friends and colleagues!

Influence Attracts Clients and Referrals

I talk to many professionals who want leads without building a foundation of digital influence first. In fact, the number one goal of any professional services provider is to get more qualified leads.

Buying lead lists or paying for programs that promise to generate leads for you are mostly a waste of time and money. Why? You will not have earned the trust that you need in order to develop quality relationships with these methods. You won’t find the loyal clients who truly believe in you because they’ve followed you over time and ultimately have come to trust you through your online leadership and guidance.

Reverse engineer the lead generation process and start with building an influential foundation to earn credibility and trust first. This is the only sustainable path to successful client acquisition in the digital age.

Attract and earn new clients and referrals by building your digital influence first.

If you grow your digital presence with an influence mindset, it will be a sustainable and systematic quality lead generation tool for you for years to come.

Sure, it takes more time to do it this way. You must be dedicated and persistent. Not everyone will have the drive, ability, persistence and patience to do this. Many will take shortcuts or abuse the privilege of having social media access to prospective clients. They will market too close to the sale and they will blow it.

There are no limits as to what you can accomplish if you make influence the center of everything you do online.

What are your thoughts about building digital influence? Is it something you are working on? Share with me in the comments below: