Have you considered launching a podcast for your business?

Podcasting has come a long way over the last couple of years. They have become easier to create and consume. The number of people consuming podcasts has grown substantially as well.

Just because podcasting is becoming more popular doesn't necessarily mean you should rush to launch one. It takes a lot of work and dedication to launch a podcast, and to keep it going!

I've launched 3 different podcasts over the last 4 years or so. My first podcast from several years back ran for a year, but I never really gained significant traction. My most recent podcast had only 20+ episodes and by far performed the best in terms of downloads. It led to a few new clients, lots of new email list subscribers, and a couple of public speaking gigs.

I do believe that podcasting is in fact becoming a reliable medium for telling your story and cultivating a following. There is a lot of power in being able to be in a listener's ear for an extended period of time. You are able to create a more personal connection.

Why is podcasting becoming more prevalent?

Simply put, the technology has quickly caught up with the medium. The most notable development is that consumers can now access and listen to podcasts on demand. Mobile apps such as the official iTunes app (now native to all iPhones) and the Stitcher app for Android phones allow you to subscribe and seamlessly sync new podcast shows to your smart phone.

Mary Meeker, longtime investment research analyst and partner at Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers believes that sound is going to be “HUGE”!  In her 2012 Internet Trends presentation (which is always a fascinating read), Meeker says:

144 Million Americans spend 52 minutes per day in cars, of which 76% of them are alone…this is largely untapped space

Remember that podcasting is a form of content production, so it does require your time and a commitment to the process in order to have sustainable success. If you're thinking about creating a new podcast, below are 5 advantages:

5 Advantages to Launching a Podcast Today

1. Podcasting is easier than video

Everyone is pounding the table on how critical video is for growing you online presence. I think video can be very helpful, but video is definitely not for everyone.

If you're not comfortable on camera, it can actually hurt your reputation depending on the business you are in. Additionally there are lots of variables to think about with video; the camera, lighting, background, sound, etc.

2. Podcasting offers a nice compliment, contrast, and break from writing

Writing is tough. It takes practice. Podcasting takes practice too, but it's a bit more forgiving in terms of just being able to let it naturally flow.

Don't get me wrong, you'll need an outline to follow, but you don't have to worry so much about getting it perfect. In my opinion this just makes creating content more enjoyable.

If you're not as comfortable writing as you are speaking or you simply need a break from writing all the time, you may find podcasting to be a nice compliment to your blog content.

3. Podcasting amplifies your personality

This one is really critical. Magic can happen when people can hear your voice. You are engaging the ears!

When people hear your voice and your tone, it can be so much more powerful than just reading your words. Not only do they get the benefit of your words but they get a feel for your personality. By default, that means your listeners will feel closer to you and potentially develop greater trust. They will feel like they know you better.

4. Podcasting is easier for consumers to consume

I mentioned this one above and believe it to be the most pivotal reason that podcasting is becoming so popular. Also, keep in mind that people can listen and multitask. They can listen to your show while they work, while they exercise, and while they drive!

It's potentially more difficult or even impossible to try to engage in these activities while watching a video, for example.

5. Podcasting equipment is affordable and simple to use

The newer line of USB microphones are really excellent and affordable. The editing software is essentially free. 10 years ago when I was first experimenting with recording my music as a singer-songwriter you wouldn't believe the complexity of the software and the bulkiness of the equipment, not to mention the expense!

Before you decide to jump into podcasting, you will want to completely understand what's involved from creating, producing, editing, and syndicating your show.


What are your thoughts? Does podcasting appeal to you? Are you thinking about starting your own podcast?