This is Part 2 of  “5 Ways to Drive LinkedIn Traffic to Your Website

4. Embed Strategic Links Throughout Your LinkedIn Profile

Profile views on LinkedIn lead to many good things, including visitors to your blog. However, you need to make it easy for the people who view your profile so that they don't have to dig for these links.

Make sure you have your blog listed under the Websites area under the contact information near the top of your profile. If you choose the “Other” option when adding your website or blog, you will have the ability to put a customized description there instead of just the default words “Website” or “Blog” that LinkedIn uses to describe your site links.

Do you have a strategic call-to-action that leads to a specific landing page? Put that link under “Websites” as well with an enticing description to encourage viewers of your profile to click through.

Another place to embed a strategic link that you may not be aware of is in the Publications section of your LinkedIn profile.

Here I actually offer two free guides. These are “clickable” offers that go directly to the corresponding landing pages on my website.

Embed Links to Your Blog in Your LinkedIn Profile

You can move the Publications section up to the top of the Background section of your LinkedIn profile via drag and drop once you are in the “Edit Profile” mode. This will make your calls-to-action more visible. It's important to showcase these special offers toward the top of your profile so that they are more easily visible and accessible to viewers.

The other section of your LinkedIn profile where you can set up calls-to-action is under Projects. Do you have webinars, courses, or programs that you offer on an ongoing basis? These would work well under the Projects section of your profile.

Increasing your LinkedIn profile views will also increase traffic to your website.

The more active you are on LinkedIn building your network, networking, sharing, and engaging, the more profile views you will earn. LinkedIn shows you tracking for your profile views and who has viewed your profile. They also provide personalized recommendations on how to increase your profile views.

Get active on LinkedIn, and your profile views will go up. Your website traffic should increase as a result of increased profile views.

5. Participate Strategically in LinkedIn Groups (or start your own)

Groups are another key opportunity for driving more traffic to your website from LinkedIn. However, probably not in the way that you might think.

It's not really feasible any longer to expect success from dropping a link to your recent blog post into a LinkedIn group as a discussion starter.

The one exception here in my opinion is if you've developed a relationship with the group manager and they trust that your content is going to be value-oriented 100% of the time.

I manage a group of close to 5000 members and there are a handful of those members that I allow to post carte blanche. Why? Because I trust them. They've proven to me that they are there to add value. They also participate in discussions and ask good questions to generate engagement.

I've written about this topic previously and here are some tips for how to successfully promote your blog posts in LinkedIn Groups.

The better way in my opinion to promote your content in LinkedIn Groups is to spend time being visible and valuable first. Ask and answer questions, share group discussions, and even consider contacting the manager to ask what he or she would like to see more of within the group. Only after you've built your reputation within a LinkedIn group should you consider posting your blog posts as discussions.

When you do share a blog post as a discussion starter in a LinkedIn Group, consider starting with a thought provoking question that asks for feedback prior to inserting the link to your post. Always make sure it's a post that is specifically relevant to the group members.

Start Your Own LinkedIn Group

If you don't like the way the rules have changed for sharing blog post links into LinkedIn Groups and you still want to share your own posts that are truly valuable with members, build your own group!

When you build your own LinkedIn Group, you have the ability to send an email message to members once a week. This is a great place to share your latest blog content and drive traffic back to your blog.

If you don't have the time to build your own group, consider partnering with someone in your community or industry to start one together. Or, explore partnerships with existing group managers and provide them something of value in exchange for sharing your blog posts or special offers from time to time.

I hope these 5 tactics help you better understand exactly how you can leverage LinkedIn as a resource for driving more visibility and traffic to your website.

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