Many professionals have relied upon email newsletters to reach clients and prospects for years and continue to do so. Not only has it become more difficult to stand out in email inboxes, most clients and prospects don't read the generic newsletters that you send them anyway.

Email is not dead. It can still an effective tool for communication, but it is requiring that you get more creative with your approach inside of the inbox and also “get outside of the inbox” completely in order to grow your reach.

First things first; Get more creative INSIDE of the email inbox

Blogging is unique in that you can build a digital asset around who you are, what you care about, and how you help people.  It can help you show your human side.  You can develop a personal relationship with your audience as they come to know, like, and trust you.  Your clients and prospects are going to enjoy reading and sharing your blog posts if they know, like, and trust you.  Who gets excited about reading or passing on a generic, ghost-written email newsletter?  The truth is, people share “bits” and “pieces” of interesting content, not boring content that has no personality.get outside of the email inbox

Sending single blog post email updates to your subscribers may give you a better opportunity for an “open” and a “click”. Why? You can customize the subject line of each and every email to match the title of your latest blog post.  Assuming you are creative with your titles and authentic with your content, you will get more opens than a generic email newsletter. Better yet, blog post delivery via email can be automated.

Let's face it though, delivering blog posts via email versus a generic email newsletter is still not going to help you grow your reach.  Millions of your clients and prospects are connecting and sharing through the social networks.  Social media demands that you get outside of the inbox!

3 Reasons to Get Outside of the Inbox

#1 Reach a wider audience

You have a message and a value proposition to deliver to the right clients.  How do you find those potential clients and get that message out?  Simply put, if your content exists in more places, it is going to be seen by more people. Don't limit yourself to an email list. You blog posts can be automatically syndicated and shared across the social web to your connections, and their connections, and beyond! Viral word of mouth opportunities have never been so easily accessible.

What about exclusive, private content? Perhaps you will provide content that you want only clients to see and have access to.  With a blog, you can password protect any of your blog posts, or even utilize a special plug-in to make entire sections of your blog password protected!

#2 Accomodate your audience

Do you know how your clients and prospects prefer to consume content?  Perhaps it is directly through the web, an RSS Reader, smart phone or device, email inbox, or Twitter? The point is, consumers are in control of how they want to receive and consume content.  If you're only focused on one channel, you are missing a world of opportunity.  Give your prospects and clients ample opportunities to see and share your content in the ways that they want to consume it.

#3 Make your content easily digestible

There is something to be said for short and sweet.  People are busy, their attention spans are short, and their brains are constantly active and moving.  Deliver bite-sized nuggets of wisdom to your clients and prospects. Give them 1 or 2 great insights each time you post to your blog.  Answer a question or give a quick tip. Tie blog posts together to get your audience excited about what's coming next.  Also, post to your blog consistently.  This will help you stay top of mind with clients and prospects.

If you are solely relying on an email newsletter that delivers generic articles to clients, you are missing a huge opportunity to grow your influence in your target markets.

Do you agree?  Have you thought about how blogging can get you outside of the inbox to broaden your reach? Share your thoughts!