One of the top reasons I participate in social media actively is to stay top of mind with my target markets. I want my connections and followers to view me as a person of influence who consistently delivers value. (Consistency builds trust as long as you deliver value.)

If you outsource you social media activities, what you get is updates and interactions minus your personality and personal insights. That makes it hard to build relationships and you will miss opportunities to go deeper with people.

LinkedIn is my favorite social network for those of us who are entrepreneurs and business owners. There are so many opportunities to meaningfully interact and engage with members who are mostly working people (not people looking for work).

A great way to add value to your LinkedIn network and save time with your marketing is to utilize LinkedIn's news and content aggregator, LinkedIn Pulse.

LinkedIn Pulse includes business news and stories from major media publishers, posts from LinkedIn influencers, and now posts from all LinkedIn members who choose to publish articles on the publishing platform.

Build Your Authority and Influence with LinkedIn Pulse

When you visit the LinkedIn Pulse tab from you homepage, you will see news stories and articles that you have chosen to follow. You can also view the top posts as well as discover additional influencers or web publishers to follow. You can also follow posts based on 70+ category tags to select from!

There is no quicker or easier way to build your authority and influence on LinkedIn than by sharing a great post that you find on Pulse that can add value to your network.

Share LinkedIn Pulse posts as status updates. These status updates can potentially be viewed and engaged with by all of your 1st degree connections. If you share posts from well-known, credible influencers and web publishers, you will enhance your credibility.

Try sharing one post a day from LinkedIn Pulse and you will see your profile views and LinkedIn network start to grow.

Select the Specific Content You Want to Follow

Make sure to customize LinkedIn Pulse by following relevant influencers, publishers, and topics (via categories). When you do this, LinkedIn will show you the content you've chosen to follow in your home news feed.

Keep in mind you can also follow individual members who are publishing on LinkedIn's platform whether you are connected to them or not. Unfortunately by default LinkedIn will have you following all of your 1st degree connections. You can unfollow your connections to avoid seeing their content, and still remain connected at the network level.

It's important to note that if you start publishing your thought leadership on LinkedIn, you can also gain followers! More followers an equal greater visibility and engagement on your content.

Comment on LinkedIn Pulse Articles

Did you realize that you can like, share, or comment on LinkedIn Pulse articles? Why not strike up a conversation in the comments section with other LinkedIn members who are engaging with the post. If it was written by an influencer, you can get on his or her radar with an insightful comment!

Any comments you leave on pulse articles also have the potential to show up in the news feeds of all of your LinkedIn connections.

What About You? Will you start using LinkedIn Pulse more effectively?

If you visit LinkedIn Pulse once or twice per day and follow the sharing strategy I've outlined above, you will increase your LinkedIn visibility and position yourself as a resource with your connections!

Are you using LinkedIn Pulse as a part of your social media strategy?