When you commit to something and you don’t get the outcome you want, it’s tough. We all want to win, and losing is hard.

Defeat can come in many forms. Maybe you’ve been overlooked for a promotion or lost you job unexpectedly. Maybe you’ve lost a big client or a valued employee.

Perhaps you were on the losing side of a sporting event. Or, perhaps your candidate didn't win the race.

We’ve all been on the losing end of something. Losing can be quite painful depending on how invested you are in the goal.

When you have so much of your heart and soul invested into something, and it doesn’t go your way, it just hurts. It feels devastating.

But the truth is, the longer we hold on to the anger and resentment that accompany defeat, the more it hurts us. The longer we will remain stuck.

How can you move forward when you feel so defeated? What can you do to make it better when you can't change the recent outcome?

In this episode of the show, I share a few stories about my own personal defeat and 4 tips for how to effectively handle defeat.

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