Originally, this publishing platform was reserved for top influencers, including the President of the United States! Other influencers include top CEOs, academic professors, and even celebrities.

LinkedIn has opened up it's publishing platform to all members! Now it's your turn to be an influencer! This gives you, me, and anyone who has the desire to build online influence a pretty great way to do so.

Stephanie Sammons comments on LinkedIn INfluencer Program

A snapshot of some of the chosen LinkedIn INfluencers

Today there are still close to 500 “official” LinkedIn Influencers. Most of these influencers hold high level leadership positions (corporate), are public figures (authors, celebrities, and speakers), or have simply amassed an impressive online following as self-publishers.

You can still follow your favorite influencers on LinkedIn, and you can like, share, or comment on their posts. More importantly, you can now follow anyone who is publishing on LinkedIn. This means you can also build your own following without having to actually add those folks as connections. Nice.

Build Influence by Learning from LinkedIn Influencers

Successful online marketers understand how important it is to build online influence in order to expand their visibility and grow a trusted network of loyal fans, followers, and advocates.

Here are some ways to grow your influence on LinkedIn by learning from existing LinkedIn Influencers:

Share LinkedIn Influencer content with your network

For successful marketing on LinkedIn, you want to position yourself as a thought leader and go-to resource within your industry and with your target markets. Sharing relevant, high quality content published by the influencers you follow on LinkedIn is a great way to do that. As you consistently showcase great content to your connections, you will build trust and influence with your target audience.

Get new blog post ideas from LinkedIn Influencers

With the influencers you follow on LinkedIn, note which of the posts generate lots of views, comments, and shares. Chances are, those same topics might be interesting to your target audience. Use those posts as inspiration to develop new thought leadership content on your own blog that includes your personal insights and opinions. Go deeper on the topic, or pull a concept from the post that resonates with you and expand on it. Don't forget to link to the original LinkedIn Influencer post that inspired you, and never copy someone else's content! Provide unique perspective.

Be an early commenter on LinkedIn Influencer Posts

Another way to build influence is to be one of the first people to comment on your favorite LinkedIn Influencer posts. Not only will the influencer most likely see your comment (whether or not they respond is a different story), but other viewers and commenters on the post will see you. This may create new opportunities for engagement and for adding connections.

Your Turn

Will you work to build your influence on LinkedIn through the publishing platform?  Share your thoughts in the comments!