Is your profile image on LinkedIn professional, memorable, and likable?

I come across poor quality profile images on LinkedIn all the time which is what prompted me to write this post. I've seen profiles with no headshot image to a logo as a profile image, and everything in between.

Your LinkedIn profile image sets the stage for trust and likability. It follows you around throughout the entire network. When you post a status update, it's there. When you like, share, or comment on LinkedIn, it's there. When you participate in group discussions or send personalized messages, yep, your profile image is there.

Your LinkedIn Profile is Your Professional Identity Online

Your LinkedIn profile is potentially going to be a first stop for someone who is trying to learn more about you via a Google search. Whether you have worked hard to complete your profile or you've neglected it, it is a very important digital reputation asset.

The best way to make a great first impression with someone who finds your profile via Google is to have a professional profile image.

Within LinkedIn, profile views are one of the top member activities. Check your homepage stats on LinkedIn to see just how many times your profile is viewed by others. This represents the number of opportunities you have to make a powerful first impression with your beautiful face!

A Missing or Outdated Profile Image Lacks Credibility

Your profile image is an opportunity to make an emotional connection with someone who finds you on LinkedIn. If your image is outdated or low quality, it probably will not help you make that human connection.

Snapshots, cropped images, or logos also don't make for professional profile images.

If your image is missing, you will have absolutely no credibility on LinkedIn.

Put some TLC into your profile image to enhance your credibility and demonstrate your professionalism on LinkedIn.

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Pic Professional

What Does a High Quality LinkedIn Profile Image Look Like?

A high quality profile image that showcases your professionalism on LinkedIn should have the following characteristics if possible:

  • It's taken by a professional photographer in a studio
  • It's your head and some shoulders, not your full body!
  • You are looking straight ahead making eye contact
  • The image background contrasts nicely with what you are wearing
  • You have a pleasant look on your face (welcome, friendly, personable)

Update Your Professional Profile Image Every 2-3 Years

I've found the two year mark to be a good timeframe to refresh my profile image. If you leave the same profile image out there for 5 years or more, you may not be recognizable in person. You will look different over a 5 year period. It's this fact of life called aging :).

I believe that your profile image needs to look as close as possible to the way you look today, not the way you looked 10 years ago! You want for people to recognize you, especially when you meet them in person.

Call me a stickler, but your profile image is something that can make or break you on LinkedIn. Make sure you are putting your best face forward.