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These days we can get our daily news through a multitude of resources from across the web. From traditional news sites to blogs and social networks, there is an abundance of information available on every topic.

LinkedIn Today is a newer resource available for the professional community from within LinkedIn that puts your daily news in the context of your professional social network. As LinkedIn describes it, LinkedIn Today allows you to discover what the world's professionals are reading, sharing AND tweeting. Bottom line, it's a professional social news source that you can utilize to grow your social influence.

The “sharing” of articles on LinkedIn Today is powered by both LinkedIn and Twitter. (If you haven't connected your Twitter account to your LinkedIn account yet, I recommend doing so in order to easily expand your reach when you share articles). LinkedIn Today does pull in trending articles that are being shared by members on Twitter.

LinkedIn Today also gives you the option to save articles. Perhaps you want to read through them at a later time and then share? You can easily build a file of relevant articles for your collection.

The Top News From Your Industry Curated by the People

The power of LinkedIn Today is that the top articles are showcased based on how often they've been shared by members on LinkedIn and Twitter. There is no editor. These articles are curated by LinkedIn members, and they are coming from a multitude of high quality sources from across the web. The “sources” list started out small but continues to expand. You may even be able to find some of the blogs that you subscribe to!

With all of the sources available now for customizing your LinkedIn Today dashboard, you can really build a unique and personalized news flow and start positioning yourself as a resource to your LinkedIn and Twitter connections with what you discover and share!

How does LinkedIn determine which articles get visibility on LinkedIn Today?

What makes LinkedIn Today so powerful is that the news articles displayed are those that have been shared, liked, or commented on the most by LinkedIn members. Articles are sorted by industry and news source, based on the industry assigned to profiles of those who have shared them. Most importantly, LinkedIn will give a higher preference to more recent articles if they're being shared quickly by a broad base of members.

3 Steps for Using “LinkedIn Today” to Build Influence 

There are many ways to build social relationships with your LinkedIn connections, and one of the best ways to grow your social influence is to consistently curate and share timely, relevant content with them in order to remain visible and valuable.

Remember, with all of the content now available online, people are overloaded with information but they are thirsting for knowledge. Position yourself as someone who is “in the know” within the context of your industry to become influential. Get them off of the world wide web by becoming a core resource for your clients, prospects, and connections to follow!

1. CUSTOMIZE LinkedIn Today by Your Industry, Interests and Sources

The first action to take with LinkedIn Today is to customize and organize your news page to show you the most relevant articles based on your industry, interests and sources. LinkedIn Today allows you to follow categories of news that you and your connections care about most.

My recommendation is to follow your industry, related industries, and any and all sources that can help you grow your reputation as an influencer.

For example, the industry I specialize in is Financial Services and this is my target market. However, the content I specialize in is inbound marketing, blogging, business, and social media. Therefore, it makes sense for me to follow industries and sources related to both so that I can provide a blend of relevant content to my audience!

Furthermore, I love a good story from NPR and I also believe that the Harvard Business Review provides some excellent leadership content, so I follow these sources as well and share appropriate content with my network. The point is to mix it up and create a blend of valuable sources that can help you stay visible and valuable in your niche markets.

2. SCAN Your LinkedIn Today Headlines Daily

I love the fact that LinkedIn provides you with the option to receive daily email updates from LinkedIn Today. Let's face it, with a weekly news digest you can certainly keep tabs on what has happened in your industry, but that news will get old fast. If you want to be an influencer, you'll need to stay on top of what's trending, and identify the most interesting and relevant news and content to share with your connections in a timely fashion.

Update your email setting to receive daily email updates from LinkedIn Today. When you do this, you should receive a personalized morning email with the “7 Things You Need to Know in the News Today“!

In addition, I would recommend visiting LinkedIn Today a few times daily for news and updates that you may have missed. It's really a one-stop shop for news that matters to your professional social network. My goal is to get in there at least a couple of times daily (usually morning and noon time), and share an article or two with my network.

3. Consistently SHARE AND COMMENT on Relevant Articles from LinkedIn Today

It's one thing to share a link to content with your social connections, but you must consistently share, comment, and engage with people in order to grow your influence.

Not only will LinkedIn Today show you the top headlines that LinkedIn members are interested in by industry or news source, you can also see what some those members have to say about the articles when they include comments. (If no comments were included, that area is completely blank)

For each article that appears on LinkedIn Today, you will see a small people icon with a number next to it (see below). This indicates how many people have shared that particular article on LinkedIn and Twitter. Once you decide to share the article with your connections, you can even filter the most recent shares by company, industry, or location.

Whether an article has been shared by many or few, if it can be valuable and relevant to your network, go ahead and share it and always remember to include your own comments. Anything that you share can potentially be viewed by anyone on LinkedIn, depending on how many times that item continues to be shared by your connections, their connections, and beyond!

You can also share LinkedIn Today items with LinkedIn Groups that you belong to, and even as a status update for your LinkedIn Company Page if you have one! Sharing high quality content and commentary with your LinkedIn Groups is a great way to start new discussions and add value.

Whatever articles you decide to share, use it as an opportunity to create dialogue and engagement with people.

If you are connected to a LinkedIn member who has previously shared an article, you will be able to click through to their profile and reply or comment directly on what they've shared (engage!). You can also view the profiles of people who have recently shared an article in your industry and determine if it might make sense to invite them to connect with you, especially if you have some things in common within your professional profiles.

If you share AND comment on articles from LinkedIn Today with your LinkedIn connections, Groups, and Twitter network, you have a tremendous opportunity to be consistently visible and valuable to your network. LinkedIn has done a lot of the heavy lifting by curating headlines for you, but you can take this to the next level by curating further for your own network! Add your layer of professionalism and insight in order to grow your social influence.

Share on the Go

We are busy people, and there is no doubt that having the ability to communicate and get things done on our mobile devices is critical.

If you haven't downloaded the LinkedIn app for your mobile device, you are missing the ability to engage with your network on the go! LinkedIn Today is a featured part of this application. View trending articles from the app itself and click to share them with your network! It's that simple. Not only can you easily share and comment on trending news, you can edit your news sources from within the app!

To learn more about the mobile app for your device, CLICK HERE.

LinkedIn Today will continue to expand as more industries are added, and as more professionals begin to utilize the site as a social news resource. It can be a critical tool for building online influence as a professional if you learn how to utilize it.

To learn more about the basics of LinkedIn Today, go through the overview provided by the LinkedIn Today team.

Did you know about LinkedIn Today? Will you consider using it as a tool to grow your professional influence?

Connect with me on LinkedIn (please reference that you read the post in your invite) and let me know your thoughts!

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