When I began thinking about the theme for this podcast, I settled on the concept of “Smart Sane Success”.

One of the main reasons for this was because I continue to meet Gen X and Baby Boomer business owners who feel overworked and overwhelmed.

Success without sanity just doesn't feel like success.

As business owners, we are facing new challenges and realities that we've never experienced before.

We are more distracted than ever. It's more difficult to stay focused.

We are overwhelmed with information, options, and choices. It's more difficult to make decisions.

We are dealing with a lot of uncertainty. Our world is just more stressful today.

How do we navigate these new challenges to accomplish our goals and dreams?

In thinking about the theme for the show, I've also deeply explored this question:

What is success anyway? What does it mean to be successful today?

For as long as I can remember, I've been a dedicated student to personal development.

The classic books about success certainly have some great insights and tips, but there are also many concepts that aren't as relevant today. The world has really changed.

But I've often struggled with the traditional idea of success. The idea of “set goals, execute, achieve” leaves out a lot of important stuff that matters.

I think we need a new, more modern definition of success that is more relevant and realistic for the digital age.

This “new success” is more holistic.

It's not just about making money or achieving higher levels in our businesses or careers. These things are great, but at what personal cost?

New success is about things like:

  • feeling valued and making a difference
  • creating more “time freedom”
  • improving your well-being
  • cultivating relationships
  • creating meaningful experiences
  • finding fulfillment

Now I certainly don't have the market cornered on this new idea of success.

But I have been an overachiever my entire life chasing that old idea of success.

Now my view success after 20 years in business has completely changed.

If nothing else, maybe my experience and my thinking about this “new success” can help you. And that's my goal with the 7 New Success Principles I've come up with.

In this episode of the Smart Sane Success™ Show, I share the first 3 New Success Principles:

  1. Well-being
  2. Connection
  3. Ownership

Listen to this episode to hear my thoughts on each of these New Success Principles and how you can incorporate them into your work and life.

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