This article first appeared in Social Media Examiner.

If you have a profile on LinkedIn and Twitter, you may already be aware that these two networks are integrating. In fact, LinkedIn has a specific application called “Tweets” that can help you keep tabs on the Twitter updates from your LinkedIn connections. As more professional LinkedIn users create Twitter profiles, I believe this application will become more and more powerful for building influence and visibility with your network connections.

The primary benefits of the LinkedIn “Tweets” application are:

  • Follow your LinkedIn connections on Twitter
  • Post status updates simultaneously to both Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Monitor and interact with your Twitter streams from within LinkedIn
  • Create a LinkedIn specific Twitter list

Before we look at some additional ways to leverage the “Tweets” application, make sure you have first added your Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile.

Add your Twitter account to your LinkedIn Profile

Click “edit profile”, and “add Twitter account”, next to the Twitter field. This will create a link directly to your Twitter account on your LinkedIn profile for all visitors to see if you choose to display it on your profile.

Adding Twitter to Your LinkedIn Profile

Adding Twitter to Your LinkedIn Profile

To share your tweets in your LinkedIn status, I would recommend that you choose the “Share only tweets that contain #in” option rather than allowing every tweet to flood into LinkedIn as a status update. Typically, one or two daily status updates in LinkedIn will be sufficient, so you don't want to overdo it. Share tweets that can add value to your LinkedIn connections!

Install the LinkedIn “Tweets” Application

Go to “Applications” in LinkedIn and search for the “Tweets” application to install on your profile. Once installed, you will be able to visit your Twitter page on LinkedIn by going to the “More” menu tab and clicking on “Tweets”.

Tweets application in LinkedIn

How to Utilize the “Tweets” Application to Build Social Influence

Below are 3 important features of the “Tweets” application that you can use to help you grow your Twitter connections, gain intelligence about what your LinkedIn connections are tweeting about, and promote your connections through their tweets.

1. Identify and follow all of your LinkedIn connections on Twitter within the “Tweets” application

Go to the “Connections” tab in order to see who you are NOT following on Twitter, and follow them. You may not find a substantial number of your connections on Twitter, but go ahead and follow those who are! Most likely they are going to follow you back.

LinkedIn Connections you are not following on Twitter

2. Create a dynamic Twitter list of your LinkedIn connections

From within the “Tweets” application, LinkedIn makes it easy for you to create an official dynamic Twitter list of your LinkedIn connections. Go to the “Connections” tab and on the left-hand side you will see “Save as Twitter List”. It may take a few minutes for this list to populate, and by default it will be a private Twitter list. The newly created list will show up within the “Tweets” application where you will have the ability to view the stream in realtime.

This is a great tool in and of itself. Rather than manually having to go through and create a Twitter list of your LinkedIn connections, it is done in the click of a button and always up to date. I can't think of a better way to make Twitter more relevant to your existing professional network! If I had very little time to spend on Twitter, this is where I would focus my efforts.

Consistently monitoring this unique Twitter list can give you tremendous insight into what your LinkedIn connections are thinking and spreading online. People tend to update Twitter much more often than LinkedIn.

Save LinkedIn connections as a Twitter list

3. Look for engagement and promotional opportunities through LinkedIn “Tweets”

The “Tweets” application actually functions as a Twitter client. You can tweet, reply, re-tweet, or even share posts as messages with any of your LinkedIn connections. However, the real power comes from being able to update your LinkedIn status simultaneously, along with tweeting, replying or re-tweeting.

Remember, promoting and connecting others is a very effective strategy for building social influence! Don't underestimate the power of consistent status updates, and the reach that those particular updates can have. When you find a tweet in your LinkedIn Twitter stream that is relevant, or could be interesting, entertaining, or helpful to your broad LinkedIn network, this is where you will want to engage and promote.

Ideally, you will want to “retweet” the important post(s) from your LinkedIn connections within the “Tweets” application and go a step further by checking the box to share the tweet as a status update. The “retweet” will then show up as a status update to your entire LinkedIn network, and it will hyperlink to the individual's “Tweet” page within LinkedIn, giving others an opportunity to follow that user on Twitter. Not only have you promoted the content to your LinkedIn network, but you've provided your connection with extended visibility in both networks and will potentially help them gain some new LinkedIn connections and Twitter followers.

Retweet from Tweets application

this is a “retweet” from the “Tweets” application that I also shared as a status update

By clicking on @ducttape from within the status update (see image above), the link travels directly to @ducttape Twitter stream in LinkedIn:

Twitter stream within LinkedIn

You could spend time reviewing your other Twitter lists from within the LinkedIn “Tweets” application and engaging with those individuals as well. If you find something relevant that your LinkedIn network connections can benefit from, again re-tweet it as a status update. Follow up with that individual to let them know that you also posted their tweet as a LinkedIn status update because you thought your network could benefit from seeing it.

Ultimately with any social network, you want to be viewed as a resource who can be relied upon to share and spread quality information. If you can marry this with promoting those professionals whom you are already connected with on LinkedIn, you can build social influence by helping your connections increase their visibility. This is a win-win.