I’m excited to be launching my brand new podcast, the Smart Sane Success™ Show!

This is actually my third podcast, and in some ways a continuation of my last one with a new twist. Let’s just say I like to evolve :).

Creating content that informs, instructs and inspires is what I love to do. And I especially love the podcasting ‘audio’ format.

There is all kinds of speculation that exists about whether or not podcasting is still an effective medium. I believe that it is great way to connect more intimately with your people.

Certainly there is more competition these days with the number of shows that are out there, but the long-tail of podcasting is still alive and well.

The theme of the show is how to build a better client-based business in the digital age, and create a better life along the way.

I want to help you create more meaningful success in your work and life.

Success is holistic.

It’s not just about achieving business and financial goals. It’s also about achieving your personal goals and becoming a better person as you learn and grow.

I’ll definitely be talking about how to grow your business in the digital age and cover topics such as personal branding, building digital influence, leadership, modern relationship marketing, client attraction, and social media.

But I'm also going to be sharing my take on personal development and growth, which I’ve been a student of as long as I can remember.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter how successful you are in business or financially if everything else in your life is a mess! Right?

I scratched and clawed my way up the corporate ladder in my financial services career for 15 years.

Each year that I climbed an inch further on that ladder, I sacrificed more and more of my soul.

My relationships, health and wellness, and happiness all sort of went by the wayside. I was so obsessed with getting to the top that I neglected everything else.

Eventually, the entire corporate ladder was pulled out from under me. I was forced to make a change during the global economic meltdown in 2009.

It was very scary to start over at the age of 40. But what I have found in the process of being an entrepreneur is how to have a more full life.

I have found the intersection between business and balance. The funny thing is, when you have more balance, you have more to give to your business.

This new podcast show is about how to be smart, keep your sanity in check, and create more meaningful success in your work and life.

It’s what I call Smart Sane Success™.

I’m going to encourage and support you on your journey. Think of me as a virtual business coach!

For each weekly episode, I’m targeting between 8 and 12 minutes so that it’s easier to digest. I understand how valuable your time is.

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